Upcoming Events:

Mar 12   Reconciliation Service @ 7 pm

Mar 23    Fish Fry 4:30 to 7:00 pm

Mar 25   Palm Sunday (Normal mass schedule)

Mar 29   Holy Thursday—8 am mass and 7 PM mass

Mar 30   Good Friday (see schedule)

Mar 31   Vigil Mass at 8:30 PM NO 4:00 PM mass

Apr  01   Easter (see schedule)


Stations of The Cross

Stations of the Cross will be said every Friday at 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM Spanish during the month of March.  There will still be the 12:00 noon Mass during the month of March also.


Lenten Books

Lenten Book are available on the display case in the Vestibule.  Please take one.


Lenten Collection

This years collection will be for Priestly Vocations to train Seminarians in Madagascar.  Containers for your contributions are located by the display case in the vestibule.  Please be generous in putting your loose change in these containers during Lent.


Mass Time Change

Please note that the Mass time on Sunday has changed from 11:45 am to 12:00 noon.


Minister, Lector and Server Schedule

The new schedule is on the display case in the vestibule. Please take one.


Reconciliation Service—March 12th

Reconciliation Service will be on Monday, March 12th at 7:00 PM.  Our guest speaker will be Rev. Msgr. William F. Cleves, pastor of Holy Spirit Church.


Lenten Fish Fry

An excellent fish dinner will be served by our Men’s Team on Friday, March 23rd from 4:30 to 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.  Come with all your friends for great food and fellowship.  Please donate a dessert if you can.  To help our Men’s Group please contact Kevin Hill at (502) 525-0034


Ways to beat back loneliness #5 of 11

Holding doors and saying “please” and “thank you” with a compliment thrown in if you feel so moved,  can really humanize the day.  It reminds you that you are connected to a wider community beyond yourself.  Our ancestors went to the marketplace and chatted, connecting with their neighbor, as they sold and/or purchased wares.  We have this same need in us still, and saying “have a great day” as you leave the bank and complimenting a woman’s adorable baby on the way out can spread this warmth to others, who may just pay it forward.  It’s hard to feel lonely when you’ve just exchanged positive small talk with folks you might otherwise not have.


Women’s Group Meeting

The St. John Women’s Group will meet at 7 PM on February 20th in the parish hall.  All women of the parish are invited to join us for the Rosary, desserts and fellowship.


Food Pantry

For the month of February the Food Pantry needs canned food.  Please be generous.


Today’s first reading and Gospel speaks to us about the relationship between two fathers and their sons. In the first reading, Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his beloved son prefigures the sacrifice of Jesus, God’s beloved Son. In the second reading, Paul reminds us that with God on our side we cannot lose. From another viewpoint, we can say that all three readings give us a glimpse of what it was like for Abraham, Peter, James, John and Paul to “walk in the presence of the Lord.”