This sacrament is normally celebrated in the “parish church” at St. John the Evangelist. However if the bridal party has a previous connection and wished the ceremony to be held at Transfiguration of Our Lord Mission can be done also. Call the church office for clarification and guidelines for the use of the church buildings at (502) 732-5776.

Marriage is a calling from God (vocation) and a sacrament. It requires the presence of a priest or deacon, a bride and a groom, and two witnesses. In this Sacrament, the bride and groom are the ministers because they give the Sacrament of Matrimony to each other. It is their mutual “I do” that makes them husband and wife. To make arrangements for the sacrament of Marriage, please contact the parish office as soon as possible to arrange an agreed upon date.

Please print out the forms for “Marriage Information Form” located in the “Forms” folder in the “Sacraments” tab.  Fill out and have the required documents as stated on the form when you set-up your appointment with our priest. Thank you in advance.