Parish Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, together with the pastor, is responsible for the effective stewardship of the parish. It should reflect Gospel values and overall parish and diocesan goals. Financial concerns should be addressed within the context of the mission of the parish.


  • Advise pastor in all financial matters
  • Prepare any financial information needed in accordance with total parish planning
  • See that expenditures reflect the mission statement, goals and objectives of the parish
  • Prepare the annual budget in consultation with the pastor and other committees and in accordance with objectives set by the Parish Pastoral Council.
  • Review incomes and expenditures to determine that the parish is operating within the approved budget.
  • Provide the parishioners with periodic and annual report of the financial state of the parish.
  • Study parish income and make recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council for maintaining and increasing income to meet parish priorities and objectives.


      Fr Thomas Picchioni
      Don Wright
      Jerilyn Zapp
     Linda  Stark
     Evelyn Huser
     Steve Glauber