To all – this is from Fr. Thomas. Please note there is another scam attempt with people pretending to be me in hopes of getting gift cards sent or something similar (see example below). Please, please realize I would never use such a method to ask for something nor be secretive or suspect in my correspondence.

Somehow people have obtained email addresses for parishioners and are using an artificial email but adding my name to it.

An easy way to know if an email is from me: consider the way written. I almost never write an email without a salutation unless in a back and forth discussion. Same with ending – I will include my name. And most scammers aren’t too bright so their grammar, sentence structure, vocab, etc. is often lame. I am never that sloppy unless drinking. And I don’t drink.

But simplest way is to look at email address of the person sending. I only have two. If it’s not one of those published in bulletin, it is not from me.

God bless,
Fr. Thomas






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